Directors and officers

Board of directors

  • Robert K. Ortberg

    Chairman, President and
    Chief Executive Officer
    Rockwell Collins, Inc.
  • Anthony J. Carbone

    Retired Vice Chairman of the Board
    and Senior Consultant
    The Dow Chemical Company
  • Chris A. Davis

    Former General Partner
    Forstmann Little & Co.
  • Ralph E. Eberhart

    Chairman and President
    Armed Forces Benefit Association
  • John A. Edwardson

    Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    CDW Corporation
  • David Lilley

    Retired Chairman and
    Chief Executive Officer
    Cytec Industries Inc.
  • Andrew J. Policano

    Director, Center for Investment and
    Wealth Management
    Chaired Professor and Former Dean,
    The Paul Merage School of Business
    University of California – Irvine
  • Cheryl L. Shavers

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Global Smarts, Inc.
  • Jeffrey L. Turner

    Former President and Chief Executive Officer
    Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc.

Executive officers

  • Robert K. Ortberg

    Chairman, President and
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Patrick E. Allen

    Senior Vice President and
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Tatum J. Buse

    Vice President, Finance and
    Corporate Controller
  • Philip J. Jasper

    Executive Vice President
    and Chief Operating Officer,
    Government Systems
  • Bruce M. King

    Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Jeffrey D. MacLauchlan

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
  • Colin R. Mahoney

    Senior Vice President, International
    and Service Solutions
  • Nan Mattai

    Senior Vice President, Engineering
    and Information Technology
  • David J. Nieuwsma

    Senior Vice President, Information
    Management Services
  • Robert J. Perna

    Senior Vice President,
    General Counsel and Secretary
  • Jeffrey A. Standerski

    Senior Vice President,
    Human Resources
  • Kent L. Statler

    Executive Vice President and
    Chief Operating Officer,
    Commercial Systems
  • Douglas E. Stenske

    Vice President, Treasurer and
    Risk Management
  • Robert A. Sturgell

    Senior Vice President, Washington Operations


  • Audit Committee

    Chris A. Davis, Chairman
    David Lilley
    Andrew J. Policano
  • Compensation Committee

    Ralph E. Eberhart, Chairman
    John A. Edwardson
    Jeffrey L. Turner
  • Executive Committee

    Robert K. Ortberg, Chairman
    Anthony J. Carbone
    Chris A. Davis
    John A. Edwardson
  • Board Nominating and Governance Committee

    Andrew J. Policano, Chairman
    David Lilley
    Cheryl L. Shavers
  • Corporate Strategy and Finance Committee

    John A. Edwardson, Chairman
    Chris A. Davis
    David Lilley
    Jeffrey L. Turner
  • Technology and Cybersecurity Committee

    Cheryl L. Shavers, Chairman
    Ralph E. Eberhart
    Jeffrey L. Turner

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance documents are available on our website at under Investor Relations. These documents include our Restated Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, Board of Directors Guidelines on Corporate Governance, Committee Charters, Board Membership Criteria, Code of Ethics, Categorical Standards and Policy for Director Independence, and Related Person Transaction Policy. The Certifications of our CEO and CFO pursuant to Rule 13a-14(a) under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as adopted pursuant to Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, have been filed as exhibits to our Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2016, and the CEO’s annual certification regarding our compliance with the NYSE’s corporate governance listing standards has been timely submitted.