Building our communities: education

As a corporation at the cutting edge of technological advancement, we recognize the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in today's society. It's no surprise, then, that our employees spend thousands of hours each year connecting with elementary through high school students to increase awareness of STEM-related careers. Through our Engineering Experiences initiative, our employees team with students and educators to engage in real-world challenges and programs that enhance learning.

More than half of Rockwell Collins' $5.4 million in charitable giving goes to support education. Added to the dollars is the time and expertise of our employees and retirees, who mentor students and serve as positive role models to young people. In all, employees and retirees recorded nearly 100,000 hours toward education outreach in 2016.

But schools' needs often go beyond funding and mentorship. Rockwell Collins has been heavily involved with the Governor's STEM Advisory Council helping promote STEM throughout our state. The initiative gives students real-world experience and typically uses innovative classroom methods to teach engineering.

Meet Satya Kiran Kumpatla, senior software engineer in Hyderabad, India, who led a team of volunteers to provide schoolchildren in an impoverished area of the city with essential materials for learning.
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