Empowering our team: our diversity and inclusion journey

For Rockwell Collins to succeed in today's 24/7, global economy, we need to benefit from the full breadth of our employees' voices, experience and talents. It's a compelling business case, and it helps differentiate us and makes us more competitive as we recruit talent.

Focused around three key areas of application Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace our diversity and inclusion strategies are woven together to foster a culture that values differences as a competitive advantage. And now that we have approximately 20,000 employees across the globe, we need to ensure our strategy works beyond our domestic locations which is where our past efforts have been primarily focused.

As a company with a network that spans more than 150 countries, we know how important diversity and inclusion is as a global strategy. Our leaders around the world are executing country-specific plans to ensure diversity and inclusion strategies best fit the needs of our employees and business plans everywhere.

Our workforce strategy

It's simple. The better we know our colleagues, the better we can connect our similarities and learn from our differences. One way we facilitate that learning is through our employee resource groups:

These groups pursue a variety of initiatives in locations in California, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia, such as:

Our workplace strategy

To implement our inclusive workplace strategy, ongoing training and development opportunities are key. In addition to various trainings that are available for leaders on making a personal connection to diversity and inclusion, inclusive and exclusive behaviors, managing multiple generations in the workplace and distance leadership, Rockwell Collins also provides a diversity and inclusion resource toolkit for use with teams or for individual growth. The toolkit includes icebreaker activities, learning videos and a number of Web resources and articles.

Our marketplace strategy

Our marketplace strategy focuses on ways to provide innovative solutions to best serve customers, other stakeholders and the communities in which we live and work. Diverse suppliers contribute to our company's success in promoting this innovative spirit. Working together with small businesses that deliver superior products and services, Rockwell Collins builds trust every day with our customers.

Rockwell Collins is known in our communities for our commitment to and involvement in community relations. A large focus is on education, especially supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In addition to supporting community events that focus on education, we also provide funding for arts and cultural organizations, as well as health and human services agencies, in an effort to build resources that shape and enhance our communities. By showcasing our commitment to diversity and inclusion through several community partnerships, other organizations have been encouraged to benchmark Rockwell Collins and supplement their diversity work as well.

Rockwell Collins also has a strategic Diversity Partnership program. This involves teaming with diversity-related organizations that are national in scope. Their breadth of focus provides us with exposure to new ideas through participation in professional conferences and crucial thought leadership. Working closely with them through board and committee involvement also provides professional development opportunities for our employees, often correlating directly with our recruitment strategy. Recent efforts include our enhanced focus on national initiatives that support the successful integration of veterans and persons with disabilities into the workplace.

For more information, please visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.

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