Empowering our team: professional growth at Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins empowers people to develop and grow a rewarding career by offering several career development opportunities and resources.

Rockwell Collins University

At the center of this initiative is Rockwell Collins University, an online resource comprised of eight schools, including:

In addition to formal training, there are a variety of other learning opportunities for employees around the world seeking to enhance their skills aligned with Rockwell Collins' business strategy and vision.

On a more individual level, employees and leaders are encouraged to engage in mentoring. Mentors and mentees alike can develop skills, expand their networks, and receive advice and guidance on their career goals while expanding organizational awareness. Mentoring relationships between employees can be as brief as months and as long as years, and offer network-building opportunities throughout the company.

Education through Tuition Reimbursement
Rockwell Collins also provides financial assistance through the tuition reimbursement program that is available for eligible employees who enroll in undergraduate or graduate-level courses.

Professional Development

Employees can learn from peers and meet like-minded professionals through Rockwell Collins' Communities of Practice (CoPs). With nearly 80 CoPs to choose from, these gatherings provide an opportunity to network, solve problems, grow skills, and to share knowledge, best practices and lessons learned. Online meeting tools allow employees from around the world to participate remotely.

Meet Lisa Cole, software engineer in Melbourne, Florida, who used Rockwell Collins' tuition reimbursement program to change the course of her career.
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