Sustaining our world: policies and principles


Everyone contributing to the safety and well-being of our people, our communities and our environment every day

"Our People, Our Planet My Responsibility"


Engage employees in contributing to environment, safety & health excellence by:

We are committed to sustainable activities, products and services wherever we do business around the world. In fact, we believe Environment, Safety & Health (ES&H) must be an integral part of managing our business and actually serves as a competitive business advantage. Through continual improvement, we strive to exceed legal and other requirements, enhance our management processes and participate in voluntary programs worldwide.

Human rights

Rockwell Collins is committed to ensuring that we uphold fundamental human rights. We believe that all human beings around the world should be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. Our company will only engage suppliers and direct contractors who demonstrate a serious commitment to the health and safety of their workers, and operate in compliance with human-rights laws.

This means that Rockwell Collins:

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