Sustaining our world: Environment, Safety & Health management

Integrated Environment, Safety & Health management system

We believe it is critical to make environment, safety and health an integral part of how we do business. Our enterprise-wide, integrated ES&H management system based on internationally recognized standards improves our productivity, collaboration and performance, and serves as a platform to efficiently manage the business of ES&H.

The Rockwell Collins ES&H management system has been implemented at our corporate headquarters and at 18 major manufacturing and service facilities worldwide, and has been certified by third-party auditors. Our management system certified sites represent 90 percent of our employees and 90 percent of our total revenues.


The impact of poor ergonomics on productivity and employee health can be substantial. For nearly 20 years, Rockwell Collins has been actively engaged in the development and implementation of unique systems and processes to identify and reduce cumulative trauma illnesses that result from workplace ergonomic risks.

We strive to eliminate work hazards before occupational injuries and illnesses occur. We do this through early reporting and intervention, which can include an analysis of employee workstations, tools and equipment, parts and materials, work environment and work methods. Employees can use an internal ergonomics website to perform self-assessments and learn more about ergonomic challenges and opportunities. A more in-depth analysis can be requested by employees as needed.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency response planning is an integral part of our environment, safety and health management system. All employees are trained annually on their site's employee emergency plans.

Employee emergency response teams are in place at many locations across the enterprise, including medical first responders. Emergency response teams meet regularly to review and evaluate response protocol, as well as train and drill to enhance preparedness in the event of an actual emergency. Likewise, employees perform take-cover and evacuation drills, which provide the opportunity for system improvements.

E-waste stewardship

We embrace and promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution, exemplified by our recycling of excess and scrap electronics. Production-related and excess office electronics are collected and recycled in an effort to reuse the materials and prevent the release of pollution into the environment.