Sustaining our world: innovative technology

Rockwell Collins strives to promote smart efficiency and sustainability policies at every level of its business.

Sustainability friendly technologies and products

The design of our products takes into account the size, weight and power consumed, with a goal of minimizing each element. These design efforts significantly reduce fuel use and the carbon footprint of our customers over the lifetime of our products. We are also focused on eliminating materials of concern in our products while at the same time ensuring that performance is not compromised.

 In addition to environmental design considerations for new offerings, we also reduce the impact on the environment by enhancing existing products to improve operational efficiency and extend product life. These performance solutions add functionality, prevent unplanned maintenance costs and enhance performance.

Rockwell Collins works to promote environmentally friendly changes within the regulations that govern our industry. We are providing technologies that will replace our nation's current air traffic system with a 21st century next-generation air transportation system to meet future demands and ultimately reduce aviation's environmental footprint.

Integrated simulation solutions, blending the real and virtual worlds, are a cost-effective, safe and sustainable means of providing training experiences and engineering research. Our visual systems provide interactive, real-time, simulated imagery of real-world environments for simulation and training applications. These products are not only safer for customers but also eliminate the need for fuel to conduct training during flight, reducing carbon footprints and the negative impact on the environment.

Internally, virtual prototype model (VPM) technology is being used as an efficient, user-friendly instance of a product's design. Based on gaming technology, it aims to accomplish many of the same verification and problem-solving goals of a physical prototype build, but at a fraction of the cost, with a streamlined schedule and greater utility. VPM technology enables broader stakeholder representation earlier in the design process.

Life cycle extension and repurposing

In addition to design considerations, we reduce the impact on the environment through the service and support parts of our business, refurbishing existing products to extend their lives. Rockwell Collins Service Centers are strategically located throughout the world to provide maintenance, overhaul and repair service on our equipment. We also provide avionics technology upgrades to extend the life of our products and the aircraft. Some of our products have an expected life of 30 years or more.

At Intertrade, a Rockwell Collins company, we offer high-quality recertified aircraft components for sale, exchange or lease. In some cases, we buy airplanes for parts that are repaired, inspected and recertified.