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The registration process

Registering for an account should take approximately 15 minutes, during which time you will provide information about yourself, set your desired password, and then accept our Terms of Access.

  1. Access the Customer Portal at
  2. Choose Register from the top right of the Customer Portal.

  3. Complete the New User Registration profile (see the Profile section for more information).
  4. After submitting the profile, you will receive an email from Follow the link provided in this email to view our Terms of Access. If you agree to the terms, check the box provided and choose the Accept button to complete the registration process.

    Note: If you do not complete this step within 7 days of receiving the email, the link will expire and you will need to restart the registration process.

    Note: If you decline our Terms of Access and later decide you want to access our systems, you will need to restart the registration process.

After completing the registration process, you can now request access to capabilities.

Learn how to request access to capabilities


When you register for this system, you will need to provide information that will facilitate your online business with us. The information you provide can be updated at any time. For more information, see Account Management Center help.

Describe your primary reason for requesting a Rockwell Collins account   To help us serve you better, please choose the option that best describes your reason for requesting an account.
User ID (Email address)   The email address that you will use as your user ID for logging in to the system. Please use your individual corporate email address and not a personal (private) email address or a shared corporate address. All communication from us will be directed to this email address.
First name   Your first name.
Middle Initial   Your middle initial.
Last name   Your last name.
Job title   Your job title.
Company   The name of your employer or place of business.
Name of supervisor   The first and last name of your immediate supervisor.
Address line 1   The first line of your company's address, typically containing the building number and street name.
Address line 2   This might be a suite number, a mailstop, or other company-specific information to help direct mail to you.
City   The city where your company is located.
State, Province or Region   The state, province or region where your company is located.
Postal code   The postal code (for example, ZIP code) associated with your company.
Country   The country where your company is located.
Work phone number   Your work phone number.
Work phone extension   If one must dial an extension to reach you, type that extension here.
Best time to calll   If there is a particular time of day when it is best to contact you, choose that time here. We may need to contact you if we have questions about your account.
Rockwell Collins point of contact   The person at Rockwell Collins with whom you correspond most frequently (an account manager, for example).
Comments   This field is for any message you want to pass along to Rockwell Collins related to your request for an account.
New password and Confirm password   Type your desired password for this system into both fields. To ensure that you have correctly typed your desired password, we recommend that you do not copy and paste your password between fields.

We encourage you to read our password policy to help you understand our password requirements.

Validation code    

The applications you use on this system may have additional profile attributes to facilitate your use of that particular system. Refer to each application's documentation for help.



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