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To contact Rockwell Collins using email, please complete the online form available at http://rockwellcollins-com/Contact_Us-aspx

Email response times may vary and can be up to 7 business days- If your request is urgent, please use another option outlined below-
U-S- toll-free and Canada 888-721-3094
U-S- Virgin Islands 1-800-7213-0941
Australia 0011-800-7213-0941
Brazil 0021-800-7213-0941
China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom 00-800-7213-0941
Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand 001-800-7213-0941
Korea 002-800-7213-0941
South Africa 09-800-7213-0941
All other Locations +800-7213-0941
Other 1-866-786-0290

Additional contacts

Users of Customer Portal capabilities

Please see the following resources:

The Contact Us page of rockwellcollins-com
The Contact Us page of the Customer Portal

Users of Supplier Portal capabilities

For business process support, please contact your Rockwell Collins procurement contact-

For technical support, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-721-3094 (U-S- and Canada) or +800-72130941 (all other locations)-



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