Driving innovations from
commercial to government

In today’s constrained budgetary environment, governments around the globe are turning to commercial technologies to maximize value while ensuring efficiency, functionality and extensibility. Missionizing commercial technologies allows defense organizations to gain access to leading-edge innovations at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with a clean-sheet, custom-engineered solution.

At Rockwell Collins, we’re making the most of our strength in the commercial and defense industries – and our R&D investment – by engineering our solutions and architectures to migrate easily between commercial and government applications. This business model not only brings next-generation technology to the warfighter more quickly, but at significantly lower cost.

Pro Line Fusion® on the KC-390

Our Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system was originally developed for business aircraft, but its power and flexibility make it a natural choice for government applications as well, including Embraer’s KC-390 tanker transport. Ruggedized to address the aircraft’s variety of missions, the flight deck will include five 15-inch displays – the largest format available – and a leading-edge human interface to provide pilots with extensive situational awareness for enhanced decision making.

Modernizing the C-130 with
head-up displays

For more than 60 years, the C-130 has served as an iconic workhorse for governments worldwide. Today, those governments are turning to Rockwell Collins to keep their aircraft flying while meeting modern communications needs and airspace access requirements while providing enhanced safety and functionality.

Our C-130 head-up displays (HUDs) – first developed for commercial air transport aircraft – enhance situational awareness by giving pilots access to critical flight information while maintaining a head-up, eyes-forward position, even while wearing night-vision goggles.

Customized weather radar for
Coast Guard missions

Reliable and accurate information is critical to every pilot, commercial or government: the earlier and more accurately you detect potential issues, the better chance you have to make adjustments for a safer, smoother and more efficient flight. Today we equip the U.S. Coast Guard’s MH-65E rotary wing aircraft with our MultiScan™ weather radar, a longtime market leader in commercial aviation. Enhanced with ground/shoreline mapping and a maritime surface search mode, the lightweight, flexible and cost-effective radar reduces workload and enhances situational awareness.